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Senior Wellness


Beginning at around age 7, your pet enters his or her senior years. For this reason, we recommend examining your pet twice yearly. Often, pets begin to develop diseases common to their senior human counterparts, such as diabetes, heart disease, endocrine disease, and cancer. These diseases can go unnoticed in their early stages; therefore, preventive health care is very important.

Early detection can help in disease prevention and can minimize suffering. If left undetected, many diseases can put your pet's health at risk. The best approach to caring for your senior pet includes preventive diagnostics such as:

· Establishing baseline bloodwork

· Identifying existing health problems

· Monitoring progress during treatment

Together, we can help your pet. You know your pet better than anyone else and can alert us to any changes in your pet before they become serious. We can help you understand common medical conditions that your senior pet faces, and discuss a regular monitoring plan.

Disease signs in senior pets

· Not acting like himself/herself

· Interacting less often with family

· Showing changes in behavior/activity level

· Having difficulty climbing stairs or jumping

· Exhibiting increased stiffness or limping

· Drinking more often

· Urinating more often

· Noticeably gaining or losing weight

· Losing housetraining habits

· Exhibiting bad breath/red swollen gums

· Showing tremors or shaking.

Please contact us today to schedule your senior pet wellness exam.

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For after hours emergency care, please access your pet's vaccine/medical folder for our doctors' emergency numbers or call :

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