COVID-19 Pandemic Update

Dear Valued Clients, we at the Animal Hospital of Pataskala want you to know that our patients, owners, and staff mean the world to us. In light of the current health crisis facing America, we pledge to constantly evaluate the risks associated with the treatment and care of your beloved pets.

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Slide Helping People, Healing Pets Request Appointment Get Directions Higher standards of veterinary care for dogs and cats. Animated Down arrow Helping People, Healing Pets Request Appointment Get Directions Higher standards of veterinary care for dogs and cats.

Slide man and dog play together jumpng and having fun in outdoor leisure activity during a coloured sunset in background. friendship and enjoying life with animals love Care means communication The care and dedication from the staff that you and your pet receive here is truly second to none. We pride ourselves on doing the absolute best job we can in client and patient care every single time. One important way of doing that is better communication. Our entire staff is cross-trained; every single member of the team knows exactly what’s going on at all times for your pet. This means better teamwork, better results, and happier pets. It is also really important to us to care for you, to take the time to understand your needs and concerns, and to build an environment that feels more like family than anything else. We think you deserve that, and we’d like to show you.

A gentle lick. A tender nuzzle.
Every day, she finds ways to remind you that you’re her whole world.
We’ll make sure she gets the care she deserves.
It starts with a simple phone call.

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Slide A team with one focus Our most powerful asset is the team of veterinary professionals that we have been so fortunate to assemble here. It is a team that is incredibly accomplished, driven, and respected. We do not feel like this is a job. To us, it is a calling. To our core, we are animal lovers here. We will truly love your pet when you bring your companion in, and our passion is making sure your pet receives the best care there is. We do it because we believe this community deserves something special. But there’s only so much you can learn on a website – so give us a call, and see for yourself.
(740) 927-0196
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What your neighbors say…

Rick If I were a pet, I would want my human parents to take me here. The friendly and caring staff and doctors giving quality care is all anyone could ask for. Appointments are kept well with little wait time in the waiting area which is very helpful for shy fur-babies; it's bad enough to be dragged out of house and home to go to the Vet much less have to hang out with other animals you don't know. The wait in the service room is short too. Rick Angie My cat was in kidney failure, and I was referred to Dr. Hickin after a bad experience with another vet. Dr. Hickin is amazing and helped give my Zoey quality of life for most of the last year of her life. Our current pets are patients & the care is exceptional with all the vets at this practice. Can't recommend these folks enough! Angie Nicole This place is AMAZING and needs a 10+++++ star rating. Found this place because of a horrible vet we were dealing with before who said that our 10 yr old (at the time) golden lab needed an immediate rectal surgery which I knew was no where near the case due to diarrhea and her rectum being a little swollen. The prior vet did NO TESTING whatsoever to prove that it was "cancer" which was what they were claiming. I stumbled upon Pataskala Animal Hospital when searching for a second opinion on our pup and when going in to see Dr. Harris it was the most reassuring visit that we could have asked for. Our pup actually has colitis and DOES NOT have cancer like they claimed. Ever since then this has been our go to place and we wouldn't change it for the world. Nicole Richard I have been her a few times. Always great people. This time my cat was very sick he had a nerf dart stuck in his intestinal tract. The office was closing but the doc called in helpers and performed emergency surgery on him right then. Cat is in recovery now. Just so thankful they helped. If I could I would give 10 stars. Thanks again Richard